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also: my most engaged-with post, ICP <> timing, and shitty things


Some shitty things happened personally—shittier than the third year of the invasion into your home country by a nuclear warmonger—so my work and pipeline took a hit. (Also why this newsletter skipped a week.)

My LinkedIn posting is seemingly unaffected. If anything, it’s gotten better — as of writing this, I have at least one post scheduled per day for two weeks out.

This is because in the past year, LinkedIn has become a creative outlet for me. Not just to explore the B2B messaging through website reviews, but also through memes.

Not because I want your feed to turn into 9gag, but because memes are a great medium for communicating concepts to people.

Earlier this year, Marc Thomas shared some of his favourite unconventional questions to ask people in interviews. All are great, but one stuck with me the most.

Imagine you're at a party with people who do the same job as you at different companies. What's a joke you tell about your work that has everyone laughing or crying?

Marc Thomas

So now I’m very much tempted to add a flavor of this question to my client onboarding brief — “What memes about their work will resonate with your customers?“

I don’t think you can shove your messaging into a meme or two and keep it effective.

But checking your messaging against a good meme or two that you know resonates with your ICP is a great DIY proxy for messaging testing, especially if you don’t have at least $7k/yr for a Wynter subscription.

So if you wanted to talk B2B messaing AND memes, let’s do it here.

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