logistics in your messaging

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I’m seeing a lot of people—including high-profile—talk more about differentiation. (Which is good.)

Not nearly as much actionable advice on how to do that effectively, though.

While I’m working on a content piece on differentiating from competitors, let’s look at how others are doing it. (Effectively or not.)

Logistics in your messaging

Would you trust a mountain guide who says he’ll get you to the summit and back in one piece but doesn’t say how?

B2B SaaS often promise they’ll increase your revenue but almost never care to explain how.

Here’s how a recent homepage update from Default avoided this mistake:

Watch a 3-minute video showing a masterclass in communicating outcome logistics

Standing out from 353 other tools

The more ubiquitous your category is, the less you need to explain what your product does.

On the flip side, it gets increasingly harder to explain what your product does differently from the market leaders.

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