different kinds of clarity

plus: redesign mistakes and homepage bingo

is this for me?

Being clear about what you do isn’t always enough. This homepage for a strong product is crystal-clear about what it does, but not who the intended audience is.

This happens a lot when the product user is very different from the product buyer. The website tries to cater to both, but ends up appealing to neither.

Solution? Write your homepage for the gate-keeper who sends the consideration list to the ultimate decision-maker. “Solution” pages can cater to the product buyer.

Because unless you’re on the shortlist—which is probably just 3 lines—the person holding the keys to the budget won’t even know you exist.

5 redesign mistakes

Josh Garofalo shared what he considers the worst mistakes you can do when doing a website redesign.

Good advice sounds obvious, as does this list. But that’s until you realize the last redesign project you’ve been a part of had at least 3 of these.

homepage bingo

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