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Hey, fellow B2B SaaS messaging enjoyer!

Last week was a first for a couple of things.

Pricing page messaging

Writing content isn’t my thing. I can write articles—and allegedly, the quality is decent—but I’m really slow.

But to set the foundation of content marketing for Concise Copy Co., I decided to do a little exposure therapy — and published my first proper content piece in a while.

If you’re interested why you shouldn’t put “Pricing” as the headline for your pricing page and what the alternatives are, check out this piece about pricing page messaging.

(Thanks to Vesna for her insights into SaaS pricing page copy.)

Video review example

Even though I’ve been doing video reviews for nearly a year now, you couldn’t watch a sample — all of the reviews were sensitive and doing a dummy one really defeated the purpose.

Last week, though, this changed. Adam Holmgren let me publish the video review for Fibbler as an example.

Newsletter debut (redux)

As much as I like Podia, I’m too cheap to pay for a creator platform when all I need is a decent way to publish a newsletter. And until there are 4,000 of you reading these, beehiiv will do just fine.

Last week, the first issue of the rebooted newsletter went live — read it here.

(Your keen eye may notice I’m experimenting with the structure, so if you’ve got tips, gimme!)

Things I found for you

Meme of the week

Half of SaaS homepages can immediately become WAY clearer if they listened to this.